Chapter 4. Storage

4.1 Local Storage

This section should introduce SCSI and IDE drives. The
merits of each should be compared. Hardware and software raid
will be introduced. An overview of the available filesystems
should be presented in this section (local only).

4.1.1 Disk Technology
4.1.2 Volume Management and RAID
4.1.3 Filesystems

4.2 Remote Storage

Different schemes for connecting network storage will be
introduced and compared. Traditional NFS version 2 and 3 should
be presented. The different connections that could be used for
NFS will be presented, this includes HIPPI as well as the
interconnects (where appropriate) from the previous
chapter. Fibre Channel attached storage should be introduced as
well as the filesystems that can be employed with this
technology. GFS and CXFS.

4.2.1 NFS
4.2.2 Storage Area Network (SAN)
4.2.3 Shared Filesystems

4.3 Parallel I/O
4.3.1 ROMIO Parallel I/O Routines